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Uninterrupted Power Supply

Valued at $7.4 billion as of 2019 being driven by advancements in lithium technology, demand for reliable power, and increases in disposable income, the UPS market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% to a projected market value of $8.4 billion by 2017, between 2020-2027. The majority of the projected growth occurs within the line-interactive UPS market segment; power supply systems are utilised within personal computers, consumer devices, and non-critical monitoring apparatus.

The solutions created by can aid in satisfying the future demand for UPS systems through the creation of our ultimately bespoke solutions crafted and designed by our Center of Excellence.


Premium and Bespoke
UPS Solutions

The solutions created by can aid in the satisfaction of future demand for UPS systems through the creation of our ultimately bespoke solutions crafted and designed by our Center of Excellence; possessing a wide temperature range, sector-leading energy density, and a high level of climatic resistance.

Our bespoke and customisable solutions can be used within a range of markets including but not limited to the medical industry, manufacturing & industrial sector, the food & beverage industry, the biochemical & pharmaceutical industries, and semiconductor manufacturing.


Key Industries supplies total and advanced solutions to a range of industries that include, but are not limited to the medical industry, power medical equipment; logistics & warehousing, the chemical & pharmaceutical industries, food & beverage production, and the biomedical industry.


Battery Chemistry

Our entire line of total solutions utilises grade-1 lithium, sourced within our supply chain that includes reputable and ethical lithium supplies and being tested and certified for safety, as well as including industry-leading components integrated by our Center of Excellence team.


Range and
Application Viability

Our solutions have a wide coverage of the market including systems between <100KVA – >200KVA; which our Center of Excellence team can design a bespoke and scalable solution to fit your form factor and system requirements to suit your industrial setting and domestic backup storage requirements.

Reliable Solutions;
Reliable Power

Our solutions are manufactured with European leading advanced BMS systems; possessing artificial intelligence and wireless state of charge, as well as state of health capabilities allowing you to monitor the readiness of your UPS systems, ensuring reliable uptime.

High Discharge Performance

Premium Industrial
Control Systems

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Climatic Resilience

Our solutions can be crafted to suit a range of extreme climatic conditions.

Discharge Capability

5-10 minute discharge performance; due to industry leading components.

Bespoke And Flexible

Our center of excellence can craft solutions based on your requirements and applicaiton.

Range Of Markets

Our plug and play solutions are suitable for a range of industries and range of requirements.


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