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Let’s Liberate the World from Fossil Fuel Together

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Why Should You Work for

Join our cohesive international team of 4000 employees, 280+ engineers and 5 PhDs who constantly strive to develop the highest quality products and ongoing research & development (R&D) into advanced cell technology.

By joining, you will be placed at the pinnacle of the battery industry, aiding with the developments made by in the realm of battery design, application and advanced cell and module technologies.

Pioneering the Future of
the Battery Industry

What is is all set to reset the battery industry whilst becoming a leading total solutions supplier; we are a bespoke solutions provider who works alongside our clients to better understand our customer’s requirements and provide fully customisable battery technology solutions that are crafted to a high standard, fit for purpose.

We are always looking for talented industrial professionals to join our growing and highly experienced global team to aid us in our mission of resetting the battery industry while also replacing environmentally hazardous lead-acid chemistries across a range of sectors, providing cleaner and greener battery solutions and energy storage solutions.


Live the LiB Life


LiB's Corporate Culture operates on a flat structure, which offers a unique working environment and lends to our fresh company culture that is flexible and all-encompassing; culminating in a working environment that fosters a hard-working and committed mindset.

Allowing your voice and efforts to be seen and heard by senior and C-level members of the company and influential figures within the battery industry, whom you will have the opportunity to work alongside to aid in our mission to reset the battery industry.


When You Join Our Team

While working for, you will experience ongoing career development within our flat structure, where you will have access and work alongside our international team, gathering experiences of delving into other work cultures and cement yourself within the global battery industry.

Our range of locations gives you the freedom to apply your skills and knowledge to all aspects of our business from our Advanced Cell R&D Center located within Keele University, the 37th most sustainable institution globally; to our Center of Excellence located in Germany.


Building the future of tomorrow... TODAY.

Engineering & Technology

Develop the cutting edge in battery software, hardware and design.

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Quality And Testing

Ensure that our total solutions are fit for purpose and safe for use.

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Finance & Accounting

Financially guide LiB's advanced battery technology.

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Sales & Marketing

Utilise your creativity to expand our position within the global market.

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Project Management

Manage the developments and status of our global teams.

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Information Technology

Ensure that our systems are running at peak efficiency.

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Logistics & Distribution

Take control of the global delivery of our products and components.

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HR & Admin

Aid us in selecting the finest talent and drive the wheels of business.

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