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Guiding the Future Growth of the Marine Industry


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Lithium Technology

Fully electric propulsion systems, which possess a global value of $250,000,000 as of 2020, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 26.5%, to a value of $812,000,000 by 2025, is the current sector-leading propulsion type with regards to both domestic & commercial marine vessels.

A range of critical driving factors exists regarding the increased uptake and propagation of fully electric and partially electric propulsion systems.


Legislative Compliance

One such factor is legislative pressure as recent advancements in international environmental law; notably, the introduction of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 regulation on Sulfur in Fuel Oil for Shipping and the Effect on Africa on January 1st, 2020, which is concerned with placing a 0.5% maximum on the sulfur content in marine fuel globally; reduced from a previous maximum content of 3.5%; which marine vessel manufacturers have been abiding.

Our solutions have the added ability to aid manufacturers in complying with recent regulatory developments.


Maritime Air Emissions

Our bespoke solutions provide cleaner, greener energy to power vessel operations including, marine vessels both in-port and vessels at sea, as well as marine support operations that include support road vehicles, non-road machinery, and port facility energy storage.


Leading Technology’s technology supports both fully electric and hybrid vessels; our solutions offer wireless, advanced BMS functionality, with a snap-fit customisable design devised by our Center of Excellence.
Embrace change, Embrace LiB.


Economic &
Environmental Benefits’s solutions; which can be utilised in a range of marine applications from commercial and domestic vessels to various forms of aquaculture; a sector whereby the utilisation of battery energy storage systems has resulted in a swath of economic and environmental benefits, a prime case study being the implementation of a 158kWh energy storage system installed by Tesvolts, within in KvarØy, SesØyvæ which has allowed for savings of $200,000,000 to be made each production cycle and a reduction in the running time of diesel generators present at the site from 24 hours/day to 3 hours/day.

Guiding the Future Growth of the Marine Industry

As a whole solution provider, can craft bespoke solutions to meet your requirements and the demands of the growing marine market, as well as aid in the resolution of a range of critical issues surrounding the sector going beyond phasing out both lead acid-based chemistries currently utilised within conventional marine vessels and aquaculture power systems; including reductions in marine acoustic pollution, a vital issue posed within the marine environment.

Empowering Marine Industries

Safe & Reliable Technology for Marine Activities

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Reduced Generator Run Time

Substantial reductions in the running time and cost incurred by diesel generators.

Production Cycle Cost Reduction’s low-cost energy storage solutions can reduce cycle expenditure.

OEM Regulatory Compliance

Our solutions can aid perfectly in the total compliance of recent IMO legislation.

Minimal Sound Pollution

The absence of engine noise, offering a near silent riding experience.


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